The IgNobel awards for 2014.

Warning!! Humor ahead!


The IgNobel mascot: the Stinker

Every year, shortly before the actual Nobel Prizes are announced, a group of enterprising scientists and science enthusiasts gathers together to honor research that would otherwise never get noticed. Research that, in their words, “…makes you laugh, then think.” These are the IgNobel awards and they have been awarded every year since 1991.

This year’s award winners:

Some highlights:

1. The prizes are awarded by the Harvard Society of Physicists and the Harvard Science Fiction association. They choose a theme and the areas in which to award prizes. Past prizes have included: the 2004 Peace Prize to Daisuke Inoue, the inventor of karaoke.

2. The prizes are handed out by actual Nobel laureates who also participate in the whole ceremony in other ways (for instance, three Nobel laureates serenaded Mr. Inoue when he won the Peace Prize).

3. This year’s ceremony (which requires sought after tickets) was held September 18th at Harvard. You can watch the ceremony here:

4. Here is the complete program:

including the famous 24/7 event in which distinguished academics deliver a 24 second lecture explaining their field followed by a 7 second clear, accurate summary.