The 2014 Abel Prize goes to Professor Yakov Sinai.

The Abel Prize foundation of Norway just announced the 2014 awardee of this prestigious prize for 2014. Named for the great Norwegian mathematician, Niels Henrik Abel, the prize was established by the Norwegian government in 2001 with an endowment of 200 million Norwegian kroner. This allows for an annual award of 1 million U.S. dollars.

The winner this year is Professor Yakov Sinai of Princeton University and Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences for his beautiful and enduring work in the areas of dynamical systems, ergodic theory and mathematical physics. Here is the link to the Abel Prize page along with more information about Professor Sinai’s work:

Niels Henrik Abel was one of the great mathematicians of the nineteenth century and like some of that era suffered a tragic end. He solved the ancient and deep problem of showing that there cannot be a formula to determine the roots of an arbitrary quintic polynomial with integer coefficients. Sadly, by the time his results were understood and appreciated, he succumbed to consumption at the young age of 26. Here is a complete biography: