Kudos!!! OU students at NCUWM

NCUWM: Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

Every year, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln hosts a conference for undergraduate women in mathematics. The conference is open to all and women interested in mathematics are encouraged to attend and give talks on their research. This year the conference was held January 31st to February 2nd.


The OU Math Department send a contingent of our majors/minors to Nebraska every year accompanied by a faculty member; this year the following OU folks made it NCUWM:

Students: Jacquelyn Porter, Ashley Young, Laura Kincaide, Emily Scheele, Sarah Coulson, Terea Ratashak. They were accompanied by one of our graduate students, Tetyana Malysheva and a faculty member, Dr. Ralf Schmidt. Here are two pictures from their trip up North.

Trip to Nebraska by OU students

Trip to Nebraska by OU students


Trip to Nebraska by OU students


In a first for OU students, two of our undergraduate women presented at the conference. Sarah Coulson presented a poster titled, “Signature Authentication using Wavelet and Fourier Analysis” based on an REU she did at Texas A&M. Teresa Ratashak gave a well received 15 minute talk on, “Ranking Math Departments using the Google Page Rank Algorithm“, based on her undergraduate research project with our own Dr. Jon Kujawa.

Please join me in congratulating our students on a very successful trip!