Math Club meeting!


The next Math Club meeting will be January 29th, 2014 at 5:00 pm in PHSC 1105. The speaker will be a faculty member from the OU Math Department, Dr. Keri Kornelson. What will she talk about you ask?

Title: “Doing more with less”

Abstract: The area of computer vision – using a computer to examine images and video – is a rapidly advancing field with many mathematical applications.  The goal is to get a computer to perform tasks usually done by humans, so that the tasks can be done faster and at a larger scale.  We will discuss the standard problem of classification of images, and then demonstrate how such problems are aided by dimension reduction.  We show the utility of the Johnson-Lindenstrauss transform to perform dimension reduction with low distortion.

Come one, come all! And of course, there will be pizza.