Welcome back + Job Opportunity.

Hello everyone, welcome back and Happy 2014. Wishing everyone a productive year. We begin by posting a job announcement from an excellent company in Norman, OK. They have one full time and some temporary positions. Please apply directly to the company. Here is some information and there is also an attachment at the end of this announcement. Good luck job seekers!

“MSCI is looking for a full-time analyst for their Norman office as we as a full-time temporary positions for the months of March –June/July.

I’ve attached an official job description.  The requirements for the temporary position are less stringent, but it’s a lot of the same work.  From an insider’s perspective, he would list the below attributes as the mostly likely indicators of success:

·         Some familiarity with MS Excel, but not necessarily a “power user”

·         Excellent analytical and/or research skills ( a lot of problem-solving)

·         Excellent written communication skills (they do the vast majority of communication via Outlook and Salesforce.com)

·         Ability to work well with urgent deadlines and/or conflicting deadlines

·         Team-oriented

These positions are available immediately.”

Vote Execution Analyst (PDF document)