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A UC Berkeley math professor, Edward Frenkel, recently wrote a book entitled “Love & Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality”.  We haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it’s about Dr. Frenkel’s life as a mathematician, his experiences with anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union (he wasn’t allowed to attend the best math university in Moscow despite the fact that he was good enough at math to eventually earn a PhD at Harvard and be hired by them as a professor!), and an introduction for non-mathematicians to his area of research (the Langlands Program).


Dr. Frenkel wrote it to share with non-mathematicans the beauty of mathematics.  It’s a mixture of autobiography and popular math book.

We haven’t read it yet, but it has gotten good blurbs by various famous people and so far has a 5 stars on Amazon.  We’re planning to read it over winter break!

Recently Slate published an interview with him entitled “What is it like to be a mathematician?”  The Times of Israel went with the titillating “Hot Berkeley prof gets his kit off for calculus” for their interview!

Dr. Frenkel is no stranger to publicity.  A few years ago he wrote and acted in a short film called “Rites of Love and Math”.  Here’s the trailer (but be warned that you will see more of Dr. Frenkel in one brief video than you will in a semester of calculus with Dr. Savic!):


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