Google Glass — 1960’s style!

Dr. Thorp

Dr. Thorp

Ages and ages ago we told you about Edward Thorp.  He is a mathematician and invented card counting in blackjack.

It turns out that he and another mathematician, Claude Shannon, were one of the first people to design and build a wearable computer.  The great-grandfather of smart phones and Google Glass.  And this was 50+ years ago!

Here’s a picture of their device:


From the engadget article

Of course, Thorp being Thorp, they invented it so they could beat roulette! 🙂  The computer worked great and they could regularly win at roulette.  The main problem was not getting caught wearing it while at the casino!

You can read a great article on engadget about Drs. Thorp and Shannon’s wearable computer.

They didn’t end up using it too much as it wasn’t easy to conceal.  Plus, by the late 60’s Thorp had turned to the real casino:  Wall Street.  Or, as Dr. Thorp said:

When you’re betting millions,” he says, “betting hundreds of thousands doesn’t seem meaningful.

— Dr. Thorp in the engadget article.