Babylon to Bourbaki

The dapper Dr. Meyer

The dapper Dr. Meyer

Math Club talk this

Wednesday, September 19th at 5 pm in PHSC 1105!

It’s one of OU’s brand new post-doctoral fellows, Jeff Meyer.  Jeff got his PhD this spring from the University of Michigan and came on down south to OU.  He’ll be talking about the history of math:

Babylon to Bourbaki – A Survey Of The History Of Mathematics

Mathematics as we now know it is the culmination of centuries of exploration and refinement.  Its journey from Babylonian base 60 counting to the precise  formalism of Bourbaki has had countless fascinating twists and turns.  In this talk we will present some of the most influential mathematicians and mathematical ideas that helped build mathematics into what you see today.  Along the way, we will mention some of the most famous and influential problems which spurred development of mathematics, including understanding gravity and heat, the Bridges of Königsberg, the solution of a quintic polynomial, Fermat’s Last Theorem, and many more.  This talk will be accessible to to a general audience and of interest to mathematicians of all levels of experience.

— Dr. Meyer’s abstract

As always, there will be Free Pizza!

Jeff and his wife, Sarah Lapan, are also avid dancers. If you bribe him with pizza, you may convince him to follow in his wife’s footsteps and Dance His Thesis: