Welcome Back!


Class have started! (Well, they’re starting whether or not we like it, so let’s go with it being Good News)

After an entirely undeserved summer break, the OU Math Club blog is back, baby!

We have many things to tell you in the coming days and months.  Here is one juicy mathematical tidbit from over the summer:

In our last post eons ago, we talked about the Twin Primes Conjecture.  Remember, this is the conjecture that there are infinitely many pairs of primes which are at most two apart.  And we talked about Dr. Yitang Zhang’s amazing breakthrough which showed that there infinitely many primes which are at most 70,000,000 apart.  Which sounds a long ways from 2, but since there was no bound whatsoever before Dr. Zhang, it’s a heck of an improvement.

Over the summer people have been busily making improvements and shaving inefficiencies off of Dr. Zhang’s calculations, and the current world record is that there are infinitely many pairs of primes which are 5,414 (and maybe even 4,680) apart!

This has been a polymath project and they are now in the stage of writing up their calculations.  You can read all about it on Dr. Tao’s blog.