Part Time Job Opportunity in Norman!

Dr. Lifschitz passed along this job opportunity here in Norman. If you’re interested, give Mr. Damiani a call to learn more.

My name is Joseph Damiani and I work for TeachPro Tutoring and I was given your number by Carly Shaw who is one of our tutors.  We are hoping you know of someone that is a Math major that could tutor in upper level Math.  Our particular focus would be in Algebra I and II and possibly Geometry.  If you have anyone that is looking for a part time job in tutoring in Norman please send them my way at 330.6299 ext. 113 or my cell at 657.0008.  Thanks.

   Joseph Damiani

   Human Resources

     Phone: 855-ALL-READ (855-255-7323)

     Direct Line: 405-330-6299 ext. 113

     Fax: 405-608-0769