Pi Day in Pune!

Happy Pi Day!

Friend of the Blog and former OU faculty member, Steven Spallone, is now a faculty member at the Indian Institue of Science and Education in Pune, India.  Those who know of Steven’s other life as a world famous YJogi won’t be surprised that not only is he living in India and doing mathematics, but he is the co-organizer (with Neha Prabhu) of a a Pi Day version of “The Life of Pi”.

Juggling and Mathematics?  Steven Spallone is afoot!

Juggling and Mathematics? Steven Spallone is afoot!

Lest you think this just some class project, we point your attention to coverage by the Indian Express newspaper.

Go to Steven’s facebook page for more pictures of Steven in India. 

Ironically, Steven is an avowed Tauist.  Hey, Steven should write a book called “The Tau of Pi” (trademark! :-)).


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  1. Wow I’m touched that you all still remember me! Thanks for the post! I’ll let you know when the video is on YouTube!

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