Talk this Tuesday!

Dr. Deem

Dr. Deem

Dr. Michael Deem from Rice University will be giving a talk for the general public this Tuesday at OU.  It will be

Tuesday Jan. 29. 7:00 PM   George Lynn Cross Hall (GLCH) 123.

Even though he is a professor of Bioengineering, his talk is right in our wheelhouse:

Title:  In Search of Fundamental Mathematical Laws of Biology

Abstract: I will describe my participation over the past few years in an effort to find fundamental mathematical laws in biology.  I will discuss a theory for understanding the emergence of multi-scale, hierarchical structure in biology. I will describe how modular structure in proteins, genetics, and biological networks may arise and how it can be understood.  I will show the implications of the theory for engineering design, and I will discuss additional examples of structure formation in ecological food networks, developmental pathways, physiology, and social networks.  I will then turn to theories of the immune system and describe a theory of the immune response to vaccines.  I will illustrate this theory by application to design of the annual influenza vaccine.  I will use this theory to explain limitations in the vaccine for dengue fever and to suggest a transport-inspired amelioration of these limitations.


Who needs reality when you’ve got purity? (Click through for an explanation!)

(Sadly, there probably won’t be pizza.)