TORUS (Texas Oklahoma Research Undergrad Symposium)


Dr. Hall has let us know of a fantastic opportunity for OU undergrads.  The TORUS (Texas Oklahoma Research Undergraduate Symposium) is a conference for undergrads to present (or hear about) research in math.  This year it is February 23rd and will be held at at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX.

If you are interested in presenting, you can register at their website:

Undergraduate students are invited to give talks on topics related to mathematics. The topics can be from any area of mathematics including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, history of mathematics, mathematics education, probability or statistics. Talks will be 12-15 minutes long with time allowed for questions. For a list of student abstracts from the 2011 TORUS conference go here.

— from the TORUS website

If you are interested in going to the TORUS conference, contact Dr. Hall in the OU Math department office (her email is on the department website).  She tells us there are already 4 students planning to go, so it should be fun!


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