‘Tis the season for REU applications!

Even though it’s winter, it’s the time for thinking about what you’ll be doing in July.  If you want to do something stimulating and fun, you should be applying to Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs).  These are summer programs where you work with 5-10 other undergrads on some cutting edge research in math (or other science fields), and get paid to do it!

Not only is it fun (and lucrative), but you get the chance to go somewhere new.  For example, how about sunny San Diego?

San Diego State University is pleased to invite applications to its Summer 2013 Mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates.  The program dates this year will be June 16 — August 10, and the projects will be in combinatorics and algebra, specifically group testing and Hadamard matrices.

Please announce to any interested and qualified undergraduates, as well as to any graduate students interested in helping to lead one of the two project teams.  The program will pay a stipend of $5000 and provide room and partial board for nonlocal participants.

The application deadline is  March 4.  For a detailed program description and application instructions/materials, please see the program website:


Somebody needs to the study the math of surfing!

Somebody needs to the study the math of surfing!

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