Math Day 2012 Wrap-up

We’re a little late, but we wanted to tell you what happened at Math Day this fall.  Remember, Math Day is our annual event for High School students.  This year was a blockbuster!

We had a record annihilating 310 students from 14 schools from all over the state!  Everyone had a great time, and Dr. Morgan’s talk about the mathematics of soap bubbles was a big hit.

Of course it was only possible thanks to the many people who volunteered.  An extra thanks goes to the undergrads who helped.  Thanks go to:
Julia Traughber
Teresa Ratashak
Jesse Doan
Eric Leung

Here’s a few photos of the event.

During the Fun Session

During the Fun Session on Flexagons


During the individual exams.

During Dr. Morgan's talk on the Math of Soap Bubbles

During Dr. Morgan’s talk on the Math of Soap Bubbles

During the Sooner Math Bowl

During the Sooner Math Bowl