Charlotte Simmons and the Best Math Writing of 2012

j9821We are proud to tell you that our Ph.D. graduate Charlotte Simmons has an article in the  Best Writing in Mathematics 2012!  She earned her Ph.D. in 1998 at OU working with Murad Özaydin.  She is now a professor at University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.

Her article first appeared in The College Mathematics Journal and is entitled “Augustus De Morgan Behind the Scenes”.  It’s about Augustus De Morgan.  But instead of discussing his mathematics (he of De Morgan’s Laws fame), Dr. Simmons instead tells the tale of how he was an important mentor to several famous mathematicians (Hamilton, Boole, Gompertz, and Ramchundra).

Dr. Simmons

Dr. Simmons

You can read the start of her article here.  If you’d like to read the whole thing (and are at OU), you can log into the library and access the College Math Journal’s articles through their website.

Congratulations Dr. Simmons!

Thanks to Dr. Roche for letting us know about the article!