Math the Band

How can you not love a band called Math the Band?  The bad news is that they aren’t a Tom Lehrer cover band (which, by the way, the world desperately needs!).


The good news is that they are:

…a electro-punk spazz duo from Providence, RI. They use a combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and energy drinks to make the fastest, loudest, most party-est music they can imagine. They’ve only cracked their head open on stage ONCE.
— from Math the Band’s webpage

They are a perfect antidote to feeling groggy during finals week (it’s like injecting Redbull directly into your inner ear!).

You can hear all their music here on their website.  And if you want a direct injection of Math the Band, you can see them this Sunday in Norman at the Ampy Shanty!

For an entirely different experience, check out their acoustic version of “Why Didn’t You Get A Haircut?”: