Frank Morgan in Math Club!

This week there are two (two!) Math Clubs!  Dr. Frank Morgan of Williams College will be talking on

Friday, November 16th in PHSC 100 at 4 pm.

(note the unusual day, time, and location!)

Dr. Morgan will be talking about “Optimal Pentagonal Tilings”:

Hales proved that the least-perimeter way to tile the plane with unit areas is by regular hexagons. What is the least-perimeter way to tile the plane with unit-area pentagons? We’ll discuss some new results, examples, and open questions, including work by undergraduates. See our joint article with students in the May 2012 Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

— Dr. Morgan’s abstract

In an amazing coincidence (we swear!), this fits exactly with the Problem of the Month!

Among his many accomplishments, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out Dr. Morgan’s TV show.  He was the host of Math Chat, a live call-in TV show about math.  It must be seen!  Check it out:


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