xkcd in Math Horizons

Randall Monroe using The Force (from the Horizons article)

The Mathematical Association of America (aka the MAA) publishes a monthly magazine for math undergrads called Math Horizons.  It’s a great magazine with a wide variety of articles on all things math.  The latest issue has an interview with Randall Munroe, the creator of the comic xkcd.

You can read Math Horizons at their website.  Unfortunately, you have to have a subscription to read the full magazine online.  Fortunately, you can read the interview here.  Or read the full magazine issue here.

We particularly recommend the article by Chuck Wessell which explains the timely mathematical fact that a person could become president while only receiving 17.56% of the popular vote!

In the Math Horizons interview with Randall Monroe it’s no surprise that they mostly talk about his more mathematical comics.  But we thought this one was more appropriate for this time of the semester: