Sooner Putnam!

This fall, as every fall, there is an OU Putnam problem solving group being led by Dr. Albert. People get together and have fun working on old Putnam problems and related puzzles. What’s Putnam? We talked about it here.  But the short version is it is full of cool, fun, and tough math puzzles.  As Dr. Albert put it:

The problems range across the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, but most do not require specialized knowledge of mathematics beyond calculus.

Over the years the exam has built up a good reputation for containing nice, interesting problems – the kind you find it hard to stop thinking about, whether you’ve managed to solve it or not. The best problems reveal attractive and intricate bits of mathematics lurking in seemingly simple situations.

— from Dr. Albert’s webpage

Rather like a recent xkcd cartoon (click through and then click and drag!):

If you’re interested, email Dr. Albert.  Or, better yet, just stop on by on Thursdays at 5 pm in Physical Sciences 1025, the tenth-floor classroom.


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