Cray Supercomputer is Hiring!

Henry Neeman, friend of the Blog, sent us a job announcement from the folks at Cray.  Back in the day, Cray was the supercomputer company.  They built dedicated, stand alone supercomputers which could double as a couch:

The Cray X-MP 48 from the mid ’80s. It cost about $15 million and had a whopping 64 megs of memory!

Of course now they’re still an industry leader in the world of supercomputers.

Greetings from Cray,

We have several positions at all levels (BS, MS, or Ph.D.) in the Programming Environments group at Cray, in particular in the areas of compilers and communication libraries. I was wondering if you have any student (current or former) that would be interested in applying, or if you would be willing to broadcast this note in your department or in any other forum that you believe would be appropriate.

If you know of anyone interested, could you please ask him or her to send me a resume or apply directly at the Cray page at:


Luiz DeRose
Programming Environment Director
Cray Inc.