A Sad Week

In addition to the passing of Bill Thurston, the past week or so has seen the loss of two other remarkable people.

The first person to walk somewhere other than on Earth, Neil Armstrong, passed away on August 25th.  You can watch the Apollo 11 moon landing here:

It was one of the most remarkable triumphs of the 20th century.  Almost as remarkably, NASA lost the tapes used to record the original, high quality video feed!  Instead, we have the tapes of a poor quality conversion, and the tapes of a video camera pointed at the TV screen showing the high quality feed!  Here’s hoping they turn up some day.

On August 23rd we lost Oklahoma born Jerry Nelson.  If you don’t happen to recognize his name, you may know him better as the arithmomaniacal vampire Count von Count:

Jerry Nelson and the Count (The Count’s flashing a gang sign — Sesame Street must be a lot rougher than when we were kids!).

Here’s Count von Count on his first day at work (also, it seems Kermit has rage issues):