Would you like to play a game?

The OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER) has started assembling a brand new high speed supercomputer.  For those of you who were here in 2008, we toured OSCER and walked inside OU’s current supercomputer (called Sooner).

Sooner is capable of a 34,450.24 GFLOPs theoretical peak and 28,030 GFLOPs sustained performance in its calculations (GFLOPS = gigaflops).  When it was built it appeared on the world ranking of supercomputers at #90 worldwide, #47 in the US, #14 among US academic supercomputers, #10 among US academic excluding national centers, and #2 in the Big 12.

You can look at the current list of top ranked supercomputers here.

Just like smartphones and everything else, supercomputers are eventually replaced with faster models.  Sadly, Sooner doesn’t even make the top 500 supercomputers anymore!

The good news is that OU has started constructing Sooner’s faster sibling, Boomer.  Here’s some of the details about Boomer:

* Theoretical Peak Speed: 104.4 TFLOPs (3x Sooner)
* Total RAM: 13.7 TB (1.6x Sooner)

That would put Boomer at around 100 on the list of supercomputers.  We’ll have to take a tour this fall once it’s up and running!


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