Volunteer(s) Needed!

Pat Cross let us know of a great opportunity for OU Math folks to help out.  You could use your math knowledge to make a huge difference in someone’s life.  We hope some OU math folks can step up and help!  It would work really well if a couple of friends could work together.

For the details, see Marilyn Manolakas’s email below.  You can either call her directly or contact Pat Cross and he can give you Marilyn’s email address.

My name is Marilyn Manolakas, Transitions Facilitator (and recent OU graduate) at the Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center here in Norman. I work as a case manager with youth ages 16-24, to help them accomplish goals of their choosing.

One of my high school students is very interested in going to college, a goal which seems perfectly attainable for this person, but the student is unfortunately quite behind in math. She has a lot of catching up to do, and seems to need a tutor to meet with her a couple times per week to help her progress through her self-paced courses. Unfortunately, this kind of intensive one-on-one tutoring is less available to low-income high school students than one might hope.

I know that the OU math club is involved with a number of charitable projects, so I thought the club might be open to partnering with us to help this student find a math tutor. I think it would be great if a college mathematics major were able to tutor her, not only because she needs the help, but also because being around someone who is attends OU at the moment might make her own goal of going to college seem a little more tangible. Also, from experience I know how passionate OU’s math majors can be about mathematics, and I know that this attitude has potential to transform a students’ perceptions of their schoolwork.

I would really appreciate it if you could pass this message and my contact information along to the math club. This person is in need of a tutor as quickly as possible, and we here at the Oklahoma Healthy Transitions Initiative would certainly appreciate your help.

Thank you for your time.


Marilyn Manolakas

(405) 573-6484
(580) 660-5290