Andy Magid in Math Club!

Dr. Magid in 1980


Wednesday, April 11th, at 5 pm in PHSC 1105

our own Andy Magid will be talking in the Math Club about Boolean Algebra.  That’s the mathematics of zeros and ones.  Well, it’s a bit more than that!  It shows up in abstract algebra, and is at the center of computers (binary anyone?) and mathematical logic (True vs. False).

It should be a very interesting talk.  Here’s the title and abstract if you want to know more:

Title:  Boolean Algebra, Operations, and Rings

Abstract:  Z/2Z valued functions on a set correspond to subsets of the set, and vice versa: the support of a function is a subset and the characteristic function of a subset is a function. From this correspondence can be derived ring operations (addition and multiplication) on subsets and subset operations (intersecti0on and union) on functions. And new operations on both.

And of course there’ll be the usual Free Pizza!

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