Joint Meetings in the News

As we talked about around this time last year, every year there is a joint meeting of the various mathematical societies of the US (the JMM).  This year it was in Boston (weatherwise not quite New Orleans!).  Thousands and thousands of professors, graduate students, and undergrads get together to give and hear math talks, give out awards, interview job candidates, and do lots of other Very Serious Mathematical Things.  Pretty much everything you can imagine mathematicians do when they get together.

And maybe a few things you didn’t imagine!  This year NPR did a story about the JMM.  You can hear it here.  They tell about the playful side of the meeting.  As their promo for the story says:

At a meeting of 6,000 mathematicians in Boston, a reporter finds people dancing, crocheting, knitting and using theater to explore and celebrate their discipline.

And you really should check out Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro mathematical knitting page (here).  You can find (with instructions!) such gems as the Klein Bottle stocking cap: