Dr. McCullough in Math Club

We have good news and bad news.  The good news is that our own Dr. Darryl McCullough is speaking in the last Math Club of the semester on

Wenesday, November 30th at 5 pm in PHSC 1105.

He will be speaking on “First-year calculus, revisited“:

I will speak about what, in my opinion, your calculus book
should have told you (but didn’t) about the derivative, linear approximation, the Mean Value Theorem, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

— Dr. McCullough’s abstract

The bad news is that Dr. McCullough is speaking this semester and not next is because he is retiring at the end of the semester!  Which is good for him (he is building a retirement home in Florida!), but sad for us.  Come to Math Club to say goodbye!

A recent photo of Dr. McCullough

A less recent photo of Dr. McCullough