2011 Math Day!

As we mentioned, the OU Math department hosted their annual Math Day for high school students on Thursday.  There was over 250 students from 10 different schools who participated in tests, puzzles, games, and mime-matics with Tonya and Tim Chartier!

Here’s a couple of photos from Math Day from Dr. Cross:

Some of the Math Day folks.

Some Mime-matics (we can't explain it -- you had to be there!)

Thanks to everybody who came.  It was a lot of fun for everybody.  We also congratulate all of this year’s winners:

Prize Winners of Math Day 2011

Spot Prize 1 : Aaron Phillips – Skiatook HS

Spot Prize 2 : Rachel Roberts – Catoosa HS

Lunch Problem : Marissa Conway – Deer Creek HS

Geometry :
1. William Davis – Clinton HS
2. Anthony Sim – Stillwater HS
3. Warker Huynh – Duncan HS

Trignometry :
1. Austin Jeon – Stillwater HS
2. Christian Herrera – Clinton HS
3. Allen Shih – Union HS

Algebra 1 :
1. Melissa Melton – Clinton HS
2. Donnie Na – Deer Creek HS
3. Abbey Stroder – Deer Creek HS

Algebra 2 :
1. Jeongjin Lee – Stillwater HS
2. Landen Bashger, Cushing HS
3. Lauren Lewis – Deer Creek HS

Math Bowl :
Winners : Union HS – Casey Cai, Joseph Ahn, Allen Shih, Brandon Jonely
Runner-up : Edmond Santa Fe HS – Victoria Mooers, Derek Knowles, Nikita Hussein, Brandon Le

Fortunately none of the Math Dayers divided by zero!