Grad School Panel

Thinking about going to grad school?

From PhD Comics


 Wednesday, November 2nd, at 5 pm in PHSC 1105

the Math Club will host a grad school panel. Maybe you don’t know if grad school is right for you.  Or maybe you’re thinking of going to grad school, but aren’t sure if it should be math or something else.

Faculty and grad students from math, computer science, physics, economics, and biostatistics will all be there to talk about post-OU options for people with a math background.

If you’re interested in grad school and want to know where and how to apply, what grad admission committees look for in applicants, what kind of fellowships are available, what being a grad student is like, etc., etc…. then come on by!

The panelists will say a bit about being a grad student in each of their fields, but mostly they are there to answer your questions!

At least you’ll have better luck than Hitler’s attempt to go grad school in philosophy: