CIA at the Math Club


Tuesday, October 18th in PHSC 1105 at 5 pm

we’ll have a presentation by a recruiter (and former operative) for the CIA.  Of course, they hire people to be secret agents.  But for every agent, there are dozens of people doing IT, analysis, background research, training, and everything else you can think of.  Check out their career page to see a few of the many options.

And unlike most everybody else, the government is hiring!  If a great job doing something interesting sounds a-okay to you, then come on by to hear what sort of stuff the CIA has people with a math background doing.

Of course there’ll be the usual Free Pizza!

And maybe they’ll show you how to tie your shoelaces the CIA way:

This and many other amusing things can be found in the Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception from the classic days of spying: