Cryptography Talk at UCO

Our friends to the north, the UCO Math department, are hosting a talk this Thursday, October 13th by Dr. Thomas Cusick on modern cryptography and is for a general audience so should be accessible to anyone who is interested.  The talk will be held between 4-5PM in Howell Hall 201 and it is preceded by a reception at the Dean’s office.

Here’s the details:

Title:  Cryptography in recent times

Abstract:  Before 1975 cryptography had few applications outside of protecting communications in government and military settings. In the next ten years, business applications of cryptography became practical and widely used. Once computer speeds became rapid enough in the 1990s, novel uses of cryptography began proliferating, and these are now ubiquitous in the Internet era. The talk will explore this history and indicate some possible new directions in the future.