Last Minute Talk!

We just found out that the OU CS department is having a cool talk tomorrow.  Check it out:

The School of Computer Science would like to invite you to join us at our Hitachi Distinguished Lecture Series seminar on Friday, September 23, 2011 in DEH 120/130.

Speaker:  Gilles Brassard (University of Montreal)

Title: Quantum Magic in Secret Communication

Abstract: Quantum Cryptography is the first near-term practical application of the emerging field of quantum information processing. It allows two parties who share only a short prior secret to exchange messages with provably perfect confidentiality under the nose of an eavesdropper whose computational power is unlimited and whose technology is restricted only by the accepted laws of physics. In this talk, we shall tell the tale of the origin of Quantum Cryptography from the birth of the first idea by Wiesner in 1970 to the invention of Quantum Key Distribution in 1983, to the first prototypes and ensuing commercial ventures, to exciting prospects for the future. No prior knowledge in quantum mechanics or cryptography will be expected.