Undergraduate Talk at UNT

Dr. Friedberg

If you happen to be heading south this weekend, then there is a talk this Friday at the math department of the University of North Texas as part of the Undergraduate Math Research Colloquium series.  The UMRC “features public lectures by mathematics researchers and educators about significant mathematics research that is accessible to undergraduate students.”  If you go down to DFW on the weekends, keep an eye on the UMRC schedule and you might find a good reason to stop in Denton!

This Friday’s talk is by Solomon Friedberg of Boston College.

Here’s the details:

FRIDAY, SEPT. 16, 2011, 2:00- 3:00 PM – University of North Texas, General Academics Building, #105;

Pre-Lecture Reception @ 1:30, General Academics Building, #472



Abstract:  Prime numbers are the building blocks of all whole numbers, and the basis for modern applications such as sending credit card numbers over the internet securely.  In this talk I will describe ways that the prime numbers, though individually distributed erratically, accumulate into regular patterns when packed together.  In looking at this, we will find out about links between prime numbers and the numbers “e” and “pi”, which seem to have nothing to do with primes whatsoever!


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