Bernoulli vs. the World!

Our own Dr. Nikola Petrov is kicking off the fall season of Math Club with what is sure to be a great talk!  It will be this

Wednesday, September 7th in PHSC 1105 at 4pm.

Notice that it’s in the usual place and day, but a slightly unusual time.  However, never fear, there will be the Usual Pizza!

From the OU History of Science collection and Dr. Petrov's talk.

The topic is Fight Club Math Club style:

Title: Back to the XVIIth century: Johann Bernoulli’s brachistochrone challenge
and the birth of the calculus of variations

Abstract:  As it often happens in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, the initial development of the calculus of variations was fueled by passions between its creators.  In this talk we will discuss the famous problem of the brachistochrone, posed by Johann Bernoulli to all mathematicians, and the solutions of some of the greatest
mathematicians of the day.  We will present the beautiful solution of this mechanical problem by Johann Bernoulli, who used Fermat’s ideas from optics.  The talk is accessible to everybody who knows what a derivative is.

Since this is the first meeting of the year, we’ll talk over pizza about what we’d like to do this year.

As always, Math Club is open to everyone!


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