More Job Opportunities from Adrienne!

Friend of the Blog, Adrienne Jablonski, asked us to pass along some job opportunities you might be interested in:

The FBI is an employer that is often of great interest to our students and many make the mistake of waiting until they graduate to begin pursuing a career with the federal government. I received the attached message from the OKC area FBI recruiter. The FBI has immediate hiring needs. Interested students (especially in the target degree areas [Which includes Math!] ) should apply this week. As always, I am available to work with students on their resumes.


Several companies are still looking for interns, part-time, or full-time talent. See below for details. I know the semester is winding down, but interested students should contact me soon, as employers are making hiring decisions very quickly.
  1. MSCI: Application Testing Intern (technical position), See attached description
  2. Arvest Bank: Full-time and Part-time opportunities in OKC and Edmond, Teller positions and Assistant Manager
  3. YWCA in OKC: 30hrs/week, Assistant with interest in non-profit work, experience with managing ledgers and some accounting experience a plus, $8-11/hour
  4. Astellas Pharmaceuticals: Part-time 12-16 hrs/week, Experience with software modeling, drafting, problem solving and compute basic calculations, $13/hour
Adrienne H. Jablonski
Director, Student Career and Leadership Development
University of Oklahoma
College of Arts and Sciences
Ellison Hall, Room 234
633 Elm Ave
Norman, OK 73071-3118
(405) 325-9122
If you’re looking for a job these days, then you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated.  But take heart!  As the chart below shows, as tough as the market is for you, it’s much worse if you don’t have a college degree:
Plus, as we’ve mentioned many times before, you are even better off then the average college grad if your major is in a math related area!