One Last Math Club Event

Although last Wednesday’s Math Club was the last of the “official 5pm on Wednesdays” Math Club of the semester, there is a great event this

Friday, April 29th at 11:45 am in PHSC 424 (the Math Dept. lounge).

Dr. Lin

Dr. Zongzhu Lin is a math professor at Kansas State University.  For the last two years he has also been a Program Officer in the Math division of the National Science Foundation.  He’ll be giving a brief presentation plus a question/answer session on graduate funding opportunities with the NSF.  How does an all-expenses-paid fellowship from the NSF sound?

His focus will be on information for undergrads and grads thinking math grad school.  But the NSF supports all the sciences, so even if you’re thinking about grad school in physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, etc., you should also stop by.

As always, Free Pizza!