OU Rocks the MAA

As we mentioned here, there is an annual OK-AR meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (the MAA).  The department always sends a group of students to the meeting to represent OU (If you didn’t know that, now you do, so look out for next year’s announcement so you can go, too!).  There are talks by faculty and students and a variety of competitions.

As usual, OU rocked the MAA meeting.

Frequenter of the Math Club (and the Rubik’s Cube Club), Karl Schaettle won the second place award in the student presentation competition at the MAA meeting. He worked with Dr. Murad Özaydin and his talk was entitled “Directed graphs from mathematical puzzles and the Frobenius problem”.

Son Thai Dang won first place in the third annual undergraduate competition. In fact he was also the winner last year.  As Dr. Goodey said, right now the winning strategy for the rest of OK and AR is to wait until Son Thai Dang graduates!

By the way, as impressive as Son Thai Dang’s wins are, we don’t think he’s also a world famous pianist.   But we’ll let you be the judge:


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