Summer Research at UNT

Do you live in the DFW area? The excellent math department at the University of North Texas has a great opportunity to get paid to do math research this summer.  The program is specifically designed for people living within commuting distance of UNT.  For further details and to apply, go here.

Eligibility & Expectations: RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars must be US Citizens or permanent residents enrolled as undergraduates in a US institution during the spring of 2011 and planning on enrolling as an undergraduate at a US institution during fall 2011. RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars do not need to have a prior affiliation with UNT.

  • RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars are expected to conduct research under the supervision of one of the UNT faculty members listed below.
  • In most cases, the scholars are expected to come regularly to the UNT campus in Denton, Texas to work with their mentor for a period of at least five weeks. Most scholars will already be located in the DFW metroplex, north central Texas, or southern Oklahoma. Some additional funds may be available to help defray gas costs for those driving more than 50 miles to come to campus. In exceptional circumstances, a housing allowance may be provided for a student coming from farther away, or a student from farther away may propose to collaborate with his or her mentor via the internet.
  • RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars are expected to participate in at least three RTG enrichment activities (such as seminars and lectures) that will be taking place throughout the summer.
  • RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars are required to make a written report of their research and to present their research at the RTG Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held in Denton on Friday, August 5, 2011.
  • RTG Undergraduate Math Scholars are expected not to have other employment or be enrolled in course work during the period they are receiving a stipend.

Applications are due April 20!