Which Math Class?

When you first start taking math classes, registration is easy: take Calc I-IV.  Even after that it’s not too complicated: take some combination of linear algebra, differential equations, and discrete math.

But after that it get’s complicated.

You’ve got questions:

What’s the difference between “Introduction to Analysis” and “Numerical Analysis”?  Do you have to take “Linear Algebra” before “Introduction to Abstract Algebra”?  What about “Abstract Linear Algebra”?  What are the prereqs for “Introduction to Number Theory” or “Convexity Theory”?  What’s the difference between the various statistics classes?  And just what the heck is topology?

And the very important: which classes count towards my major?

It can feel like you’re playing the Monty Hall Problem.

To clear the fog, the Math Club is hosting a panel of faculty and students to answer all your questions about math classes.  It will be

Wednesday, March 23rd at 5 pm in PHSC 1105.


The profs teaching some of these classes will be there to give a short commercial advertising their class, Dr. Cross will be there to answer all questions about prereqs and major requirements, and students will be around to give you their two cents (and if you ask discretely during pizza, they’ll probably even tell you which profs they liked best 🙂 ).

Plus, as always*, Free Pizza!

* with one accidental exception!