College of A & S Networking Event

Friend of the blog, Adrienne Jablonski in Dean Bell’s office, let us know of a great opportunity to work on your networking skills.  It is a chance to meet a group of employers who are all looking to hire people for careers and internships.

The College of Arts and Sciences will host a Professional Networking Reception for A&S students on at the Fred Jones Museum of Art. This free event is a great opportunity for students who are graduating and job seeking to connect with employers who are hiring. There will also be opportunities for non-graduating students to learn about internship opportunities. Light refreshments will be served. Details are in the invitation below. Please send this message and attachment to your students.

This intimate event will showcase employers from a variety of fields including: financial services, sales, retail, law enforcement, technology, and more.

— Adrienne Jablonski

Whether you’re thinking about careers, internships, grad school, or <fill in the blank>, it is an important skill to be able to comfortably talk with a wide range of people in a professional setting.  It’s definitely worth going!

At least Adrienne Jablonski will make sure you're wearing an appropriate robe.

Contact Adrienne Jablonski if you have questions or would like help getting ready for the event.