Undergrad Research @OU

The University of Oklahoma has put together a new webpage advertising all the undergrad research happening on campus.  It’s no surprise that the Math department is well represented.  There are two math majors highlighted on the website.

Aubrey Gamble

The first is Aubrey Gamble. She is a double major in Math and Dance and her research is on ticket pricing:

The main focus of her current research is on ticket pricing for dance performances, specifically at the University of Oklahoma. At the end of the research, Ms. Gamble will create a proposal aiming to achieve two goals: increase student attendance and increase box office revenue. Though these goals may seem contradictory, a better pricing strategy can have the potential to encourage a large enough increase in attendance to increase the overall revenue as well.

— OU undergrad research website

Nice T-Shirt, Patrick!

The second is Patrick Orchard.  His research is in several areas of pure mathematics:

… he has worked with the VeRTEx team on calculating Vassiliev knot invariants arising from Lie algebras and also on finding maximal and orthogonal sets for measures coming from iterated function systems.

— OU undergrad research website

Congratulations to both of them!