Movie Night!

Note:  Due to weather, the Math Club movie night is postponed (yes, again!) until next Wednesday, February 16th at the same time and place.

Note:  Due to the folks at classroom scheduling, Movie Night is in Old Science Hall 323!  Meet us there or at PHSC 201 and we’ll walk over.


Wednesday, February 16th at 5 pm in Old Science Hall 323

will be the first event of the Spring 2011 Math Club season.  Thanks to a suggestion (and loan of the movie!) by Andrew Holmes, we’ll watch the Spanish thriller Fermat’s Room.  It’s a great film no matter if you like exciting thriller type movies, foreign films, or just like seeing mathematicians slowly squished to death!  (We won’t judge if you secretly pretend that one of the characters in the film was one of your profs from last semester 😉 )

As always there will be Free Pizza!

Notice that it’s in PHSC 201, not the usual PHSC 1105!

Check out the trailer: