Human Architect or Pan Dimensional Alien Genius?*

Many people don’t realize it but Bruce Goff, one of the most famous architects in America, spent much of his career in Oklahoma and at the University of Oklahoma.  To give you an idea of his fame, Dr. Petrov’s mother-in-law is an architect in Bulgaria  and she learned about his work when she was a student!

He is famous for his creative and idiosyncratic designs.  They really have to be seen to be appreciated.  For example, here is a sketch of his:

If you happen to be in Norman over break, you have a last chance to learn about Goff’s work.  The Fred Jones Art Museum on the OU campus has an exhibit of Goff’s work.  The bad news is that the exhibit closes January 2nd!  The good news is admission is free on Dec. 26, 28, 29, and 30th!  Normally for OU students and staff it’s only $2.

The art museum worked with Skyline Ink and made cool videos which gives you a virtual walk through  some of his designs:

And the never-built Crystal Chapel designed by Goff:

If you’d like to  see Goff’s work in person, you can walk by the Ledbetter House, which only a couple of blocks from the math department. To see it from the air, go here.

Ledbetter House in Norman, OK

Or you can drive out near Lake Thunderbird and take a tour of the famous Bavinger HouseFrom the air, or on the ground:

Bavinger House in Norman, OK

Since we’re talking about architecture in Norman, we can’t help but mention the famous “Prairie Chicken” house designed by Herb Greene (also out by Lake Thunderbird):

Praire Chicken Houe in Norman, OK

* Post title taken from Lynne Rostochil, a real Goff fan.