Math For Those Who Like To Be Overstimulated

You know something’s interesting when both Dr. Schmidt and Michael Castillo tell us at Blog HQ about it.

Vi Hart, a self-described “Recreational Mathemusician” has posted a series of videos on youtube where she tells you about cool mathematics via doodling.  For example, here is one about the Sierpinski Fractal inside Pascal’s Triangle (which those of you who went to this Math Club know all about) and Ulam’s Spiral (which we’ve been meaning to post about for ages!):

Oh yeah, maybe we should have warned you that Vi’s videos are a doubleshot of mathematical espresso!

Another good video which Michael pointed out was this one:

For plenty more, check out Vi’s youtube channel.  There is also plenty of fun things to be found on Vi’s blog. For example, she also does mathematical balloon twisting:

A hyperboloid named Autumn.



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