How Many Ways Can I Tile My Floor??

Dr. Goldberg

In our last Math Club meeting of the semester, Dr. David Goldberg of Purdue University will be speaking on

Friday, December 10th, at 5pm in PHSC 1105.

Note the unusual day!

Dr. Goldberg will be talking about how we can use math to give a complete list of all possible different ways to tile the plane using a repeating pattern.  Here’s the abstract for his talk:

Aesthetic appreciation of symmetry permeates human culture, and is evident across all civiliza- tions. The use of periodic tilings is ubiquitous in art, architecture, and they even occur naturally in science. Natural mathematical questions arise in connection with tilings. In particular, one can ask what are the possible symmetries of a periodic tiling. It is surprising that the collection of possible symmetries is finite, so when viewed through the lens of symmetry groups there are only finitely many classes of tilings. We will describe what is meant by a tiling of the plane, how one classifies such tilings, and why there are only finitely many classes.

— Dr. Goldberg’s abstract

Stop by to learn about how math can help you be a better artist!  Or, if you need something cool to tell your Uncle Chris the Construction Guy when he tells you he will never need math.

Tilework from the famous Alhambra Palace in Spain

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