Dr. Alissa Crans at Math Club!

Dr. Alissa Crans

Dr. Crans is a math professor at Loyola Marymount University in sunny Los Angeles, California.  She is visiting OU to give a talk to the math faculty about “categorification” and to give a talk to the Oklahoma high school students coming to OU for Math Day.  We are in great luck as she also agreed to give a talk in the Math Club!

Her talk is this

Wednesday at 5 pm in PHSC 1105.


Her talk is:

Pascal’s Patterns

and her abstract is:

Get ready to become mathematical sleuths!  After discussing a brief history of Pascal’s triangle we will then look for and find the numerous patterns hiding in it, such as powers of 2, the hockeystick pattern, the triangular numbers, the Fibonacci numbers, and many more!

If you went to Dr. Su’s talk last year, you know this is bound to be a great talk.  Dr. Crans has lots of experience talking about cool math with high school students, college students, and professors, so you can bet she’ll have interesting things to say!  You should be warned though, that Dr. Crans has already said she might talk about something completely different if the mood strikes!

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P.S.  As we mentioned above, the OU Math Day for high school students is this Thursday, November 18th.  We are expecting well over 200 students!  That’s a record!  We can use any and all volunteers who can spare 1 or 2 hours to help run things.  You don’t need any training, just be willing to pitch in!  It is especially criticial to have lots of help around lunch time.  If you can help out, please email Dr. Petrov (you can find his email here).


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