Gathering for Gardner in Norman, OK (and around the world!)

As many of you know, Norman was lucky to have a world famous celebrity quietly living here.  Martin Gardner (recreational mathematician, magician, skeptic, author, and musical saw player) lived in Norman for the past few years.  Sadly, Mr. Gardner passed away this spring.

For a number of years now there has been a bi-annual celebration of the many things Martin Gardner found interesting.  It’s called the Gathering for Gardner N, where N is the number of the Gathering.  The most recent was the G4G9 in Atlanta, GA.

Because of the passing of Mr. Gardner there is a worldwide movement to have special Gatherings for Gardner this

Thursday, October 21st

to celebrate Mr. Gardner’s life and his work.  There will be Gatherings for Gardner Celebrations of the Mind all around the world, from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Vantaa, Finland and from Beijing, China to Norman, Oklahoma.


Yes!  Mr. Gardner’s son, Dr. James Gardner, is a professor here at OU and he will be hosting a special Gathering for Gardner Celebration of the Mind on the OU campus.  It will be this

Thursday, October 21st, 7-10 pm in the OU Student Union!

There will be math, magic, fun and refreshments.  All are welcome!  Stop by to see what’s going on, and to give Dr. Gardner your condolences for his loss.

If you’re not near Norman, you can go to the G4G website here to see if there is a Gathering near you. And you can leave a comment here and we’ll be glad to pass it along to Dr. Gardner on Thursday.

P.S.  Why October 21st?  Because it’s Mr. Gardner’s birthday!