Unexpected Phenomena in High Dimensions


Wednesday, October 13th in PHSC 1105

our own Dr. Paul Goodey will be speaking to the math club about geometry in higher dimensions.  Our everyday experience gives us a good intuition about what happens in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions, and we can maybe even think about 4 dimensions if time counts as one dimension.  But things get fuzzy if you try to imagine shapes in higher dimensions. Being lazy, we usually just pretend that they are just like in 3D.  As Dr. Goodey will warn us, this can be dangerous!



Just ask Homer J. Simpson about the dangers of higher dimensions!



We will look at the geometric aspects of life in high dimensions (meaning 4 or more). Despite the way we teach linear algebra, we will see that we have many misconceptions about even the simplest geometric constructions.

— Dr. Goodey’s abstract


But will Dr. Goodey warn us of the Hypercube?


Plus, Free Pizza!


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