Crazy Career Advice from a Race Car Driver


September 29th, 5 pm, in PHSC 1105

there will be a joint Math Club and Graduate Seminar event.  We have the good luck to have a visit by Dr. Christine Jerritts who will be talking about the wide variety of things she has done with her background in math.   The official title and abstract is

crazy career advice from a race car driver

Abstract:  Answer just three (hard) questions to determine if you are destined to be a successful career mathematician. If indeed math yells your name, infinite opportunity in every modern industry awaits. The incredible power and critical role of the universal language promises a winning future for you as a universal translator. Dr. Jerritts is excited to share with you her unique perspective on a mathematics career in action after spending time  as a hedge fund quant, starting her own consulting business and competing as a race car driver.

But perhaps you’ll be more convinced that this will be a cool talk by her bio:

Dr. Christine Jerritts earned her PhD in mathematics with an emphasis in probability, finance and game theory from the University of Colorado. As a graduate student she won awards for her teaching and was a well regarded motivational speaker for undergraduate math students. After graduating Christine spent six years as Senior Mathematician of a boutique hedge fund shop where she developed, traded and marketed sophisticated quantitative investment products. In 2009 she founded Imagine Math, a technical consulting venture. Christine now helps clients in all industries build custom analytic tools and execute marketing strategies for complex products.

Christine is an accomplished race car driver and competes nationally in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Formula Mazda Enterprises class. The spec series is a highly competitive open wheel class which emphasizes driver skill over budget. Her corporate sponsors include Mazda of Lakewood,, TARA Labs cables and Aesthetix hi-fi electronics. Following a banner season, Christine won the 2010 Rocky Mountain National Points Championship Series.

Dr. Christine Jerritts

Don’t worry, there’ll be Free Pizza, too!


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