Opportunities in Norman

Were you just thinking “Man, I wish I could have a cool job that would let me live in Norman or OKC?  And, maybe, if I want it, the chance to live somewhere else, too?”  You’re in luck!

Friend of the Blog, Adrienne Jablonski, passed along a great opportunity.  MSCI (nee RiskMetrics) is a company with offices here in Norman who use analytic techniques to do risk management and related services for their clients.  They’re looking for people skilled in the numeric arts:

MSCI is looking for students with strong analytical skills. Please pass this message on to your students.

As always, I am available to meet with students for career planning appointments through iAdvise.

Adrienne Jablonski

Full-time Positions (links)

Software Test Engineer

Release Manager – Application Mgmt

Risk Analytics QA Engineer

Internship Opportunities

Risk Business:

·         Data Analyst Internship

·         Global Operations Internship

Governance Business:

·         Vote Execution Internship

·         Custodian Operations Internship

·         Holdings Management Internship

·         SCAS Internship (Securities Class Action Settlements)

·         Applications Testing Internship

All descriptions may be publicly distributed to students and faculty that might be interested in learning more about MSCI. Interested parties may submit their resume directly to tammee.hatfield@msci.com, stating in the email which role(s) they are applying for.

If you’d like more information or help in putting together an application, don’t hesitate to contact Adrienne Jablonski.